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"With the patronage of the European Commission, Representation in Italy" (ec.europa.eu/italy)

EUROPE 21/22

The way we are going to face these 24 months will be decisive for the collective future and for each of us.


1. Presentazione

EUROPE 21/22" is a project that focuses on the next 24 months, a period that will change the European context from an economic, institutional and cultural point of view, while offering a new generational perspective. 

This is an initiative that Erasmo carries out with the patronage of theNational Youth Agency and the European Commission Representation in Italy, the media partnership of Linkiesta, together with Spinelli Group, Italiacamp, Cultura Italiae, Re-Generation (Y)outh Think Tank, Comunità di Connessioni, Garage Erasmus, Antonio Megalizzi Foundation, all leading players in their respective fields, and with the support of A2A for the project. 

2. Overview

The two-year period that has just begun is the most important in the history of the European Union from its birth until today. In some respects, it has a similar value to that of the last century. In fact, during the years 1921/1922, several events have impacted significantly on the history of Italy and Europe. Likewise, this “European biennium” will mark our everyday life, determining our future with equal force. Looking at the next 24 months, numerous "deadlines" follow one another giving the figure of this importance while determining a viable schedule for the project of the "Old Continent".

For a game of chance between 2021 and 2022, a series of central events and "new beginnings" are happening for citizens, states and communities from all over Europe and in many respects, even with non-European importance. Here are the main ones, divided by themes.

3. Political events

  • German elections, September, 2021 - Chancellor Merkel not only comes at the elections with the highest approval of her 15 years, but also with leadership over Europe and the largest European party.
  • French elections, April/May 2022 - President Macron in recent years has openly spoken of "European patriotism" as a continental policy.
  • Election of the President of the Italian Republic - Mattarella's mandate expires on February 2022, his 7 years of leadership have been characterized by authority not only in Italy but also in the world, becoming a European reference point.
  • Biden presidency - January 21, 2021, starting of the Joe Biden's four-year term at the helm of the USA. As the main ally of the EU countries, he assumes the leadership of the States with a pro-EU platform after Trump's anti-European policy.

4. Economic events / deadlines

  • Starting of the 2021/2027 European programmingapproximately 1 billion and 74 million in budget, the most important EU programming cycle ever.
  • Starting of the Next Generation UEan initiative worth around 750 million euros, included in the new programming for the revival of the economy post-pandemic. A significant part of the resources will already be committed in the biennium 2021- 2022.
  • Defining of the European Green Deal: EU policy initiatives and regulatory measures that aim to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050.
  • Starting of the Future of Europe Conference: EU biennial conference (2021/2022), the first event focused on the future of European construction.

5. Global impact events with an EU role

  • Vaccines, post-pandemic healthcare and social management.
  • Brexit, ratification and management of EU / UK agreements.
  • 5G and EU role: regulatory or global player?

6. Relevant thematic events

  • UN Conference on Climate Change 2021(so called "COP 26"): 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change, held in Glasgow in November 2021 under the presidency of the United Kingdom.
  • G20 (Italian Presidency): international forum that brings together the main economies of the world representing 80% of the planet's GDP, scheduled for the end of October 2021.
  • Global Health Summit: international conference on health, scheduled for May 2021 in Rome, with the coronavirus has assumed central importance in building a Union of health.
  • European Education Area: an initiative of the EU Commission (starting in 2021 until 2025) that allows young people to receive better education, training and employment on a continental scale.

7. Project and objectives

ERASMO and the partners involved, have decided to focus their attention on the importance of the next two years, developing a project (open to contributions, ideas and reflections from those who are interested) that will serve to face and analyze the two years ahead, through a homogeneous reading that holds together the analysis of the single event and the medium- term context specified above.A double level useful to stimulate and "serve" not only the public debate but also political decision-makers, public realities, associations, individual citizens. The whole project is finalised to: a) animate the national and European debate on this two-year period by placing it at the heart of the daily agenda; b) produce content for policy makers, governmental entities and representative associations; c) develop thematic meetings, specific publications and a final global report aiming at providing a sectoral insight and general direction for useful reflections and evaluations.The activities will be carried out following three key points:
  1. the enhancement of a new generational class of researchers, analysts, professionals;
  2. the possibility of involving among the most important and authoritative protagonists of institutions, businesses, journalists;
  3. the prevailing involvement of the youth audience, mainly focusing on associations and students, in order to contribute to the youth training by providing useful tools to learn about the period and events they are currently experiencing as important elements for their life and professional path.
This EUROPEAN BIENNIUM 21/22 that lies ahead is significant for the future of everyone, "Europe is the future, any other policy the past". The way we face the next 24 months will be decisive for the collective future and for each of us.


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